Low Blood Platelet Count Treatment natural remedies

Foods to Increase Platelet Count

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Published on: December 26, 2012

Foods to Increase Platelet Count

How can you increase your tremendous platlèt calculated want? 40,000 to 90,000 you want to strengthen your plakèt? Or perhaps you around a little under 90,000 miles and 100 plakèt and a slight increase in general want 150,000 or more. Well, it is and it is possible to find out how many people are just some of the goals that significantly improve food will be provided not eat plakèt.

The goal is actually possible? In this article you will find that eating certain foods can leave your local supermarket you buy this target. But before you really know what your problem is worse off food by your ITP disorder can be difficult.

So you can understand how these foods can help you, you first have different mechanisms by which the body destroys or reduce the need to understand your plakèt.

1. They do not destroy your spleen is not

2. Plakèt destroys your immune system,

3. Bone marrow does not produce sufficient quantities Plakèt

4. His body by free radicals Plakèt soksid. Free radicals are toxic oxygen molecules

Keep your body in a design, you plakèt appear that many were destroyed by the body’s normal functions to reduce additional small you can. I used to show you how to interfere with your food 4 method number.

Below are a few months off fourth-mentioned method can boost your platlèt calculation. But first you need to know about the bad food. The food that really gets your blood disorder ITP is bad.

Some of the main foods to avoid are:

1. All kinds of fatty foods

2. Stay away from fats such as mayonnaise and margarine idrojenasyon

3. Stay away from fried foods are high in trans fat

4. Avoid excess protein

5. Avoid processed starches such as white flour, sugar and

Increase your plakèt and what they eat

The food which you need to increase your daily diet. More food when they are cold. And I are really cool. A large part of the raw foods you eat on a daily basis soon. At least 3-4 fruits and 2 large green salad. They were like substances that fitonutriman high.

Pomegranate fruit box Huckleberry, super foods such as butter, the greatest of which will strengthen your county platlèt low levels. Probably not a good use if you are plakèt less. But as you have no more than 40,000 or 60,000 plakèt safe, and useful. Always check for yourself in this category level platlèt if you look around. Box Huckleberry food on a daily basis, 1 Cup.

At least one large salad a day, but two is better. Green, Roman cabbage, carrots, apples and juice to make some blue grass. This should not be mixed.

Gamma Vitamin E is also useful in small amounts. One dose is higher than 100 iu per day.

If you calculate the increase in general that you will platlèt your health, and you’ll improve your ITP disorder.

Be patient and give it a few months.

 Low Blood Platelet Count Treatment natural remedies
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