Low Blood Platelet Count Treatment natural remedies

Food to Increase Platelets

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Published on: January 4, 2013

Food to Increase Platelets

Increase your low platelet count, and no change in the type of diet that helps to improve trombotsitopenia. You can ask your doctor, you probably already have an answer, a big “no” to. Changes to your diet that you have read, how to learn a few low platelets should improve.

All “No”

Well, not all doctors are always there when you ask them to food and low platelets. Life – Style of medical knowledge updated by some physicians, it is possible to see the benefits of making a change in your diet. Others may be ignorant about the effects of platelet levels in the diet.

Your low platelets to help with food,

Talk about this food is that is the problem. Many people recommend a food, especially protein. I have heard of people using the negative results of the food. Many people believe that most of the protein diet is not a good idea. Standard American diet is protein. It is planned to be a large amount of acid in the body due to an increase in protein, inflammation, and destruction of platelets. It really does not help the bone marrow more platelets.

Many times the body repair itself and build more platelets were given if the rest of the food. It may be helpful for short-term low-calorie diet: the body gets a chance to rest and heal on its own. And several times during the treatment of platelets with.

So, here are some steps you can use a low calorie diet that is:

Food Morning

OATS, cooked rice or almond milk Dream. If you are a little honey or molasses can be used on OATS sweeten. Agave is also OK.

A cup of blue berries. Use other fruits or Pomegranate Berry family.

Two slices of toast. Ezequiel toast too Use only. If you find this health food store. Add a small amount of almond butter or peanut butter. Peanut butter you use, make sure you use that on the oil. They are repeated such as fatty acids and sugar, and is connected, avoid milk and white versions.

Mid-Day Meal Scheme

Celery, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, and Romain must have a large vegetable salad. Just lemon, add salt and olive oil for flavor.

Brown rice is a sanvidhanaparacani such as starch,

Preferred protein from vegetables such as beans. Cook with olive oil. In addition to its natural color, green, is recommended.

Such as kale, cabbage or broccoli, cooked veggies as a side.


The meal should be very light.

I use vegetable soup

Ezekiel Bread Toast.

Or drink and some fruit or fruit salad.

 Low Blood Platelet Count Treatment natural remedies
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