Low Blood Platelet Count Treatment natural remedies

Food to Increase Platelet Count

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Published on: December 8, 2012

Food to Increase Platelet Count

If you have a blood disorder ITP, low platelet count and increase your way and not looking, super foods to help your situation and your condition may be interested to know that there are well-known FOODS. We do not eat, and if the area well, most of our body a chance to recover.

Normal platelet count of 150,000 or more. If you have less, but still more than 40,000 of them instead of bad and good food in your diet, the food takes a real opportunity to improve them. Yes, only the low end of platelets by eating certain foods. And the good of the foods, super foods, as can be seen in your local supermarket.

But first, out of evil. This is exacerbated by the deepening of the ITP foods impaired hematopoiesis. Fatty foods, mayonnaise, margarine and avoid foods that contain saturated fats. High protein, sugar, starch and fat-laden fried foods also should be treated. It is your turn, take some discipline, but the rewards are worth the effort. Read the labels. FOODS ITP badly on them.

Oxidizes your platelets are essentially free. It is, in fact, that the toxic oxygen molecule in the blood, abnormal. Repair damage caused by the imbalance of platelet and grow your platelets. Super foods are rich in antioxidants, toxic environment that exists within your body to repair the solution, they are not. Berries, blue berries, especially because they are not readily available. I live and where to use it as well as a lot of black fruits. Pomegranate is also considered to be the best antioxidant FOODS.

Improve your health and help push the blood platelets are another strong FOODS dark green salad. Also, carrot, cabbage, apple, orange and other fruits and vegetables. when the highest levels of phyto-nutrients because the key, as fresh fruits and vegetables to eat. The raw food, and at least one large salad (the best) daily servings (3-4) to eat.

When fresh is not available, the next best frozen. Can be found in the frozen food section of your period yet the contents of the berries out of the can. What to do with a cup of blueberries a day of shooting.

Always check with your pad. If you have any questions within the first 40,000, and the food has been completely revised. However, the platelets of 40,000 foods, safe and healthy and to increase your counts improve your ITP disorder hematopoiesis. The key is patience. These changes will not happen overnight and it will take several months. If you stick to the food, but the best results were obtained, and to improve overall health. Care physicians and physician to select the main form of nutrition based on the largest benefit.

 Low Blood Platelet Count Treatment natural remedies
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